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Defying Limits

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Defying Limits - Lessons From The Edge Of The Universe

Oh my gosh... where to start. Okay, first, storytime. I went to the Ontario Science Centre to listen to guestspeaker, Dr. Dave Williams. At first I thought, "Wow I'm going to be bored for two hours." because what else do you think when you're going to spend your night listening to a lecture? But I have to say, I was completely wrong. Dr. Williams is an astronaut, aquanaut, jet pilot, ER doctor, and CEO. Now imagine, his introduction took about 5 solid minutes because Dr. Williams has accomplished so much. I have to say I was shocked at everything he did and even more shocked when I read his book and realized that his introduction was only the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Williams speech at the Ontario Science Centre was amazing and he is really funny. I must say that his speech was the most inspiring thing I have ever heard! I've learned a lot of life lessons from him. Now, I must say, I'm an excellent reader...when it comes to fiction books. I gotta say that I don't do as well when it comes to non-fiction. Well let me tell you that if you're the same way about books as I am, you will be blown away by Dr. Williams's book. Even though it is non-fiction, I've yet to put it's just that good. Then of course, when they announced that Dr. Williams had a book, typical me ran to get that book. So, I bought it and went to the book signing where I was able to meet Dr. Dave Williams and talk to him and get my book signed. What a fantastic way to end the night!

Here's a photo of me getting my book signed with my brother and a member from our school's junior robotics teams.

To summarize, the book is an autobiography about Dr. Williams's life. He has the reader go through the good times and bad times with him. Every chapter leaves you wanting more. Every chapter also has a life lesson embedded into it.

My favourite quote from Defying Limits is, "...stop wondering what our legacy will be and instead live it right now." (Prologue xv)

Fast Facts

Inspirational 4.8/5

Humor 4.6/5

Educational 4.6/5


Overall Rating 95%

In conclusion, if you ever hear that Dr. Dave Williams is coming by your city to give a speech, buy tickets to go see it! I must say, thank you Dr. Williams for inspiring me and it was great meeting you at the books signing!

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