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The Meg

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Fast Facts

Age recommendation 12+

Humor 3.0/5

Acting 3.2/5

Cliche 3.8/5

Violence 3.5/5

Language/Profanity 2.5/5

Jump-scares/Thrills 4.5/5


Overall Rating 92%


I thought that The Meg was a really good movie. It was my first shark movie and I have to say I was impressed. Next step - Jaws... The acting at the beginning was kind of cringey but otherwise the jump scares were fabulous. There were solid funny moments where everyone in the theater would laugh. There were also scary moments where everyone in the theater would gasp and scream. I went to see it with my friends (15 and 14) and my brother (12). We were nervous that it would be too scary for him but it was totally find. Very much PG-13. Apparently this is the first good quality shark movie that is PG-13. Left the theater not at all scarred. No nightmares! 😂😂😂

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