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Weepy Itchy Red Eczema...

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

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I had eczema when I was a baby. At the time, my parents used the steroid cream on the eczema and it got rid of it. Fast forward 14 years, the eczema came back. Right in the middle of grade 9. It was on my face, ear lobe, a splotch on my arm and on my neck. I know that I could have gotten rid of it by steroid cream again but my family preferred a natural route. In this blog, you can learn about everything I went through and how I got rid of my eczema.

The eczema was really bad and weepy. It was so weepy that whatever cream I put on it, it would just slide right off. It was red and raised slightly off the surface of my skin. At time it was itchy and at night I would scratch it a lot which made it worse.

It didn't start off bad, at first it was a tiny splotch the size of a dime and day by day it spread. After one week, I realized that I had to get in contact with a doctor. My mom and I went to see her friend who is a dermatologist. Dr. Chantelle Ung took swabs of my inflamed skin to get it tested. You can find her contact information here Ontario Doctor Directory. The skin results came back, and it was atopic dermatitis better known as eczema.

To get rid of the eczema, my family got in contact with Dr. Betty Rozendaal. Read about how Dr. Rozendaal helped me with my concussion here How I Recovered From My Concussion. If you would like to get in contact with her, find her here

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